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Have you ever had to leave your furry babies to go on vacation? It can be a stressful time for both pet and owner. What if there were a place where your dog could be as happy and stress free as if he/she were at home? Thanks to Petz Carlton this dream is now a reality! Whether your pooch needs a place to play for the day or for an extended stay, owners Melissa and Mike Cox have opened their home to your dogs for a happy stress free experience. Not only that, but they have stepped up the game to give spa experience and even fun photo shoots to pamper your dog to the extreme. They even send you Facebook updates to see what your pooch is doing while you are out of town.

Melissa and Michael Cox are both Alabama natives with a shared passion for man’s best friend. Melissa moved to Huntsville after graduating from the University of South Alabama and met Michael (a Madison native) after a co-worker recommended his construction company to Melissa for a kitchen remodel. Obviously things worked out well on that remodel, and they are married and expecting a baby this year. Melissa’ s father was a four time World Champion Dog handler and trainer, so I guess you could say loving dogs is in her blood. Melissa began keeping pets in her home to help her pay for college. After graduating she was pursuing a career in computer science, but then fate stepped into her and Michael’s lives. While on a trip the couple fell in love with a Shih Tzu they would name Lily, the only problem was they had a non-refundable trip scheduled the following week. They decided to board the puppy at the vet but worried the entire time! “Was she being let out enough?” “Would she remember us?” “What about her potty training?” Needless to say the trip was ruined and the experience inspired Melissa to re-open Petz Carlton. They have been happily in business ever since.

Petz Carlton is a unique place; it is the Cox’s home, not a kennel, no concrete and no artificial turf! When you bring your dogs to Petz Carlton, they conduct a professional and stress free meet and greet for you and your pet. They welcome their guests in their REAL home, and they are REAL dog lovers. Their pack includes:  Izzy, an American Eskimo; Lily, a Shih Tzu; and last but not least is Kya, a two year old Irish Wolfhound with the gentlest personality I have ever seen in a large dog.

Petz Carlton has multiple locations to better serve the area. All Petz Carlton hosts are trained to have a professional understanding of dog behavior and to interpret canine body language. They offer not only personalized overnight care but professional techniques that build confidence and social skills in your pup. That is the Petz Carlton difference!

The Petz Carlton family is dedicated to their clients. They maintain continuing education to provide a better experience for you and your furry family. Visit their website for more information or to join the pack.

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