Meet and Greets

The meet and greet fulfills our service promise to you and all our clients that we do not board aggressive dogs. Your host will reach out to schedule after you place your first request with us. Please bring your pup/s and be prepared to take a quick walk. If you have multiple pups and/or need assistance, please bring a partner.  Once your host has performed the screening, they will explain more about our service and give you a chance to lock in your dates. There’s no obligation and all you have to lose is the boarding guilt!

What to Expect

Your host will meet you at your car without their pup to perform a quick visual inspection. Then, they will get their dog and lead a short pack walk to expend any initial excitement. If your host believes it necessary, they will most likely follow up with some offleash interaction in their back yard. Then you will have a chance to see their home. If your pup is very young or old,  or if they have health considerations, exceptions can be made. Please discuss with your host. 

Safety First

If a host finds contagions on the meet and greet, you will have an opportunity to reschedule. Hosts cannot accept dogs with fleas, mites, influenza or kennel cough onto supported host grounds, no exceptions. 

Also, please bring a regular leash for meet and greets and avoid flexi-leashes. A regular leash will allow you more control over your dog. We discourage dogs meeting on leash, so please let your host instruct you how to proceed.

You're All Set!

It’s much easier to get you on the books once we get the formalities out of the way. Your pup/s meet and greet is good for all our supported locations, however this is at your discretion. You can schedule a meet and greet at any time if your would like to meet another one of our Pawesome hosts! Need assistance? Please send us a woof, we’d love to help you find the perfect fit for you and your fur-family.

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