Melissa Cox

Chief Barking Officer

Founder of the Petz Pack, Melissa Cox, turns a vision into reality by providing the background in canine body language and behavior, the internal business process and procedures, website platform and host training modules which now supports multiple locations in the Tennessee Valley.

To say that Melissa grew up around dogs is an understatement. Her father, R.F. Dickey was a three time world champion dog handler and trainer.  

Dogs were part of daily life

Dogs were a part of her everyday life in South Alabama. As a young child, Melissa knew how to carry herself and interact safely with canines of all sizes, ages and behaviors.While still a Junior in high school, she create a small business called the Pet Palace where she boarded dogs in her home and provided daily photo updates and promises of a stress free experience and guilt free vacation.

Melissa left her hometown and moved to Mobile, AL to pursue a degree in Computer Science. After graduating with honors, she moved to Huntsville, AL to pursue her career in Computer Science. After working at a small company for a few years, she took a position with SAIC in 2008 which encourage her to purchase her first home. In 2008, she would purchase a foreclosure requiring a complete renovation. She met Michael Cox, owner of Cox Construction during the kitchen remodel and they were married in 2009.

Turning vision into reality...

After a bad boarding experience with their Shih Tzu Lily, Melissa started back up the business with a new name. By 2015, Melissa would develop a business model to support multiple supported home locations. They would sell their home shortly afterwards and move to River Landing as they wanted to build a home that was more suited for multiple pups. Melissa would learn that she was pregnant later in the year which prompted Mike to leave his sales career and take over the owner responsibilities of the young, yet fast growing business. “It was just too much for one person. We had to make a hard decision and we just couldn’t bear the thought of quitting what we had created. I am so grateful for Mike’s dedication to my vision.” Melissa stated. Melissa and Mike divide the roles of business ownership, but Melissa enjoys a limited involvement after creating a more autonomous internal system. She lends her years of experience in canine body language and behavior to all locations

Mike takes the reigns

He states: “It’s truly an honor to have such amazing and loving individuals on this team. Many coming on board with us having limited knowledge in canine body language and behavior. But, through dedication and an openness to learn, I watch as they transform into amazing dog handlers. Trained caregivers are able to interpret the emotional state of the canine, which is key in creating a fun and stress free experience. With good experiences, through professional socialization techniques, pups gain confidence and healthy social skills. We provide hosts with the motivation and know how to do just that. We truly have the best care givers in the city. I look forward to continued growth and hopefully, one day, our young son Wyatt can take the reigns of a well established and thriving Petz Pack.”

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