Our registration process is part of our carefully developed safety policy. The registration process should only take a few minutes. We need the information you provide to determine availability and this information is streamlined to our hosts in our backend booking process which expedites the process. We’ve tried it hundreds of ways over the years and this is really the most efficient, thank you for understanding.

We want to make this as efficient as possible. The meet and greet alone does not ensure that the host you meet will be available for unknown dates in the future. It’s best to wait until you have dates, then check that host’s availability by filing a service request. They will be in touch to schedule your meet and greet if they are available. If this situation doesn’t apply, please feel free to email us here: woof@petzpack.com

Simply file a request! There’s no obligation or cancellation fees. An email will be sent to the host you select letting them know you are in need of the dates you specified and will be in touch within 3 hours or less.

Availability is easier to inquire internally as it would require daily website updates. Since we board in our homes, there are more factors to being ‘booked’ than simply a head count including, but not limited to, size of host’s home, bedding requirements of dogs already in their care, size/temperament/energy level, etc. Please file a request to check host availability. 

Petz Pack takes the safety of its pups very seriously and requires all new clients bring their pup to a Petz Pack location for an initial behavioral analysis prior to their first booking. The Petz Pack is also required to collect the necessary vaccination records and check for contagions.

The meet and greet is a one time requirement and is good for all of our supported locations. This is required by our insurance and is our promise to you that we do not board aggressive dogs, or dogs with contagions. Thank you for your cooperation.

At this time, all Petz Pack hosts have their own furry family members and consistently have other Petz pups in their care. You may be looking for a service where a sitter comes to your home, which we do not currently provide.

For the most part. Many of our hosts have no other employment obligations. They do, however, have the occasional errand to run or desire for dinner plans, just like you. Hosts make your pup their priority. So, rest assured they will receive exceptional care in a safe home environment with hours of attention, playtime and belly rubs galore. Our policy is that your pup will not be alone longer than 4 hours at a time.

Petz Pack hosts take the safety of their pups very seriously and do not leave pups alone together that did not arrive together. Therefore, this depends on your bedding requirements since we provide personalized care. If you crate, we’ll crate. If you wish them to have free roam, then they will receive a bedroom to themselves. **This may be subject to change in the event of severe separation anxiety to prevent destruction of host’s home.

Most hosts choose to operate from 7am to 7pm, 7 days a week by appointment only that you specify in your booking request. Your host will do their best to accomodate your preferred drop/pick time, but may need to modify. We try not to overlap clients drop and pick times to avoid high traffic, especially in areas where HOA’s are present.

Your host may also choose to avoid drop off and pick ups on major holiday days such as Christmas and Thanksgiving so they may observe religious and family time. Please also be flexible on Sunday’s if your host attends Sunday service. There is no additonal daycare charge on pickup day to encourage flexibilty of appointment based pick up times.

We will swipe your card using our Square reader on pickup. We accept all major forms of credit cards. We cannot accept cash or checks for payment, however cash tips are encouraged.

This depends on the experience of the host and a variety of other factors including: energy level, behavioral/medical needs, client bedding requirements and the size of the host’s home. A pup that is not crated will have his own room to himself when the host is not present in the home.

This, as you can imagine decreases capacity than if three sibling pups arriving together all were able to safely share the same room. Our hosts practice quality of care over quantity to provide superior care in the Tennessee Valley.

We must have your pup’s information on file, but this is at the discretion of the host. It is recommended that amenities be provided as an addition to one of our overnight boarding service. Hosts must safely put away pups they are unable to directly monitor and it is desirable to reduce their isolation time so they can get back to their vacation.

All Petz Pack locations require you to bring your pup’s food, any food additives, and any special treats that are a part of their daily intake. Please discuss with your host the availability of other items such as bowls, beds, and crates.

This is only a requirement in the event the pup must take a daily pill medication. Otherwise, this is not a requirement since we have your pup’s feeding regimen on file. If you have not indicated the amounts in your pup’s profile, please make those modifications. Also, if you have complex feeding requirements, this may be helpful to your host so feel free to check their preference prior to your booking.

Not directly. Daily pill medication must be encapsulated in a pill pocket and placed in baggies with the pup’s pre-portioned food. Hosts, by Alabama State Law are not allowed to handle medication, so these provisions must be taken to board one of our supported locations. Please check with your vet prior to a long stay and ensure the pill pocket does not degrade the state of the particular medication. Your host is also prohibited by State Law from administering oral liquid medication, liquid ear medication or injections and other services such as teeth brushing, ear cleaning and anal gland expression. Please see “Alabama Veterinary Practice Act” .

We want everyone to easily afford our service. Therefore, you will receive 10% off the total amount of your booking if you book 3 or more pups. $35/night/pup with no daycare charge on pickup day, no cancellation fees and no upcharging during holidays. We also have many contests where we give away free nights, so be sure to join our Facebook community.

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