6 Steps To Success

Step # 1

The visual inspection at the client’s car ensures no contagions are transmitted to host dogs or host home

Step #2

A quick walk with the host dog and client dog/s drains energy and prepares for off leash interaction

Step #3

Brief, off leash interaction in backyard between client dog and host dog/s allows host to screen for aggression

Step # 4

Leash dogs and discuss Petz Pack service standards. Ensure you know Petz Pack FAQ

Step #5

Ask client if they would like to lock in their dates. No action needed, but this verbal commitment “closes the sale.”

Step #6

Approve/flag the dog in the system. This is necessary per our insurance. Flagging a dog will not alert the client.

An In Depth Look...

What's a Meet and Greet?

Why we do it and important scheduling considerations

How Do You Do it?

A quick overview of process and safety considerations.

Meet and Greet FAQ

Not all behaviors are observable during the meet and greet such as severe separation anxiety. If you observe a behavior that makes you believe this pup is unsuitable for home boarding, please update the status to ‘rejected’ immediately so we can perform a behavior analysis before the client attempts to book again. Petz Main will handle client awareness.

Your gut should tell you most everything you need to know. If the dog does not calm and is loudly vocalizing and/or posturing while on leash during the walk, do not feel like you need to perform the off leash interaction. Gently end the meet and greet and keep your pup safe.

It happens. Petz Main would like an opportunity to analyze the dog in this case as we may still be able to find a solution for this pup. Instead of locking in the dates with your client, please gently close the discussion by telling them Petz Main will be in contact for the next steps.

This is against Petz Pack safety policy and service promise. Boarding dogs should never be exposed to a dog that is undergoing an aggression screening. The reason we perform meet and greets is to maintain the safety of our pack that has been deemed non-aggressive and should never be used to determine aggression in a new client dog.

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