What is a Meet and Greet?
Each new dog must undergo a behavior analysis prior to utilizing our service. It's our promise that we do not board aggressive dogs. This initial meet and greet is good for all our supported locations.
Where Does it Happen?
The meet and greet occurs at the host's home using the host's meet and greet dog only. Boarding Petz Pups are never to be subjected to a meet and greet and it's against policy for the client to view the dogs, it's a stressor.
How Do I Know One is Needed?
When a client places a service request, please look up the dog in the Directory and note the M&G column. This column will tell hosts if the dog has not had a meet and greet, had been accepted, or is flagged for Petz Main attention.
Scheduling the Meet and Greet
If a meet and greet is needed, accept the request, but you will also need to schedule a meet and greet. Please reach out and schedule this with the client in email. If do not hear back quickly, please text and/or call.
Plan In Advance
We need time to process this action before the booking so that clients have time to make other arrangements if the dog does not pass our analysis. Avoid M&Gs that are same as drop off day, this protects us from abandonment cases.
Scheduling Considerations
M&Gs are most effective when they begin with a quick walk. Keep an eye on the rain and reschedule if necessary. In the summer, be mindful of the temperature of the pavement by scheduling early or late. Ensure your client brings help if multiple dogs. Old or handicapped dogs may skip the walk.
Customer Service
Welcome your client enthusiastically to the Petz Pack. Be professional, thorough and kind. Begin earning your client's trust with your award winning customer service. Include some date suggestions and don't forget to include your address.
Stay Organized
We highly recommend that you track your upcoming meet and greets on your Petz Pack google calendar. Set reminders, notifications, etc and get in the habit of checking in with your client 1-2 days prior. This starts conditioning the client to be on time.
Did the Meet and Greet go Well?
If the meet and greet is successful, you will approve the dog in the system and ask the client if they wish to lock in their dates. There's no action for this, but conditions client. You perform these actions in the Meet and Greet of your Dashboard.
Rejecting a Dog
This is a touchy situation and best handled by Petz Main. If the meet and greet did not go well, simply end the meeting and let them know that you or Petz Main will be in touch regarding their upcoming booking. Update the dog's status to Flagged and Petz Main will be notified
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