What's a Meet and Greet?

Why we do it and important scheduling considerations

How Do You Do it?

A quick overview of process and safety considerations.

Need Help?

   An open yellow circle indicates this dog has not had a meet and greet. The client will see this status on their profile, so please update after each meet and greet.

   Clicking once will toggle the open circle to a green check mark, indicating a successful meet and greet. The client will see a custom message on their profile that shows they’ve completed the meet and greet step.

   Clicking once more will toggle the check mark to a red ‘x’ which routes the dog to Petz Main for a secondary behavior analysis. The client will not see this action nor will it reflect in their dog’s profile.

The icons you see next to the dog are toggle buttons. Click once to toggle to the next status which is approved. Please allow the page time to refresh before moving to the next desired state. Clicking again will route the dog Petz Main for a secondary analysis.

Not all behaviors are observable during the meet and greet such as severe separation anxiety. If you observe a behavior that makes you believe this pup is unsuitable for home boarding, please update the status to ‘rejected’ immediately so we can perform a behavior analysis before the client attempts to book again. Petz Main will handle client awareness.

It happens. Petz Main would like an opportunity to analyze the dog in this case as we may still be able to find a solution for this pup. Instead of locking in the dates with your client, please gently close the discussion by telling them Petz Main will be in contact for the next steps.

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