Mia and her littermates were rescued from a kill shelter in Moulton, AL and a friend called to alert us that a lab puppy might be available. We met the rescuer in a hotel parking lot, were handed the 8-wk old puppy, and she left. Mia had parvo and, thanks to our great veterinarian, survived. She was the youngest of our 3-dog pack until May 2019 and she now loves being the queen. We spent a week at the beach in December, a first for Mia, and she grinned the entire week!

Lutzenkirchen (Lutzie)

Lutzie came to me not long after I unexpectedly lost my best friend of 39yrs. I credit him with my life because I don’t know if I’d have made it without him. Lutzie spent 2 weeks at a board and train facility where he was often found sleeping in the grass while the other dogs worked.
He is goofy and sweet, loves to play and cuddle. He is a sensitive boy and sleeps with his “lovey” in his mouth (one of several toys that are all the same toy in a variety of animals – beaver, boar, buffalo).
He loves other dogs, cats too but they don’t tend to like him. There is not an aggressive bone in his body. When the doorbell rings, he runs down the stairs barking…then stops to let me pass him because he’s the scared one. He loves tug-a-war, treats, belly scratches, and playing when his best buddy Riggs comes to visit. He loves, ok tolerates, my made up songs I sing about him all the time, and comes to my side when I cry. Lutzie gives the best doggie kisses and is spoiled rotten. He uses his potty bell on the back door when he wants anything, to potty, to play, to eat, to get attention, and he will ring it until he gets what he wants. But all I can do is laugh because he’s so sweet and so silly.
Lutzie has made my world a brighter place since the first minute. I can only hope I make his the best place ever.

Bennet Amos

Bennet and his 6 littermates were rescued from the Scottsboro animal shelter by Friends of Rescue. They were only 6 weeks old. He and two of his sisters were fostered by our friend, Tara. On New Year’s Eve, they had a Parvo scare and all went to the emergency vet. I saw Tara’s post about it on Facebook, and told my husband through tears, “If these puppies pull through, we’re getting one.”
Thank goodness they were all negative for Parvo! A few days later, we met Bennet (then called “Amos”) for the first time. While the other pups chewed on our shoes, Bennet impressed by catching his own tail. We fell in love.
Bennet is now 3 years old, loves to play with toys, can jump up to my nose, and knows the phrase, “Do you want to go for a ride?” Car rides are probably his favorite. One day we’ll take him to the beach.
We’ve discovered that Bennet has some allergies. Frequent ear infections and rashes led us to allergy testing at the vet. He lit up like a Christmas tree! Bennet is allergic to crepe myrtle trees, dust mites, corn, cotton, wool, cat dander, human dander, and – perhaps the funniest – dog dander! His symptoms are now well controlled with Apoquel, Zymox, and medicated shampoo. He’s a happy-go-lucky guy and doesn’t seem to notice. My husband and I both have allergies as well, so we say we were made for each other!
Bennet was recently the ring “bear” 🐻 in our wedding. He is our soul dog, our son, and the love of our lives.

Jake Boykin

I was born in Kentucky and came to live with my Mom at 8 weeks old. From the beginning, Mommy called me her Wild Child. I guess I get that. I listen when I want to and have lots of energy I need to burn off. I’m really smart and have learned lots of words. I know all the usual ones, sit, down, etc., but I’ve learned a lot more words, so that I can understand Mommy. I wish I could talk, so she could understand me, but usually she somehow knows what I’m trying to bark at her. As I’ve gotten older, I rest more, but I still hop up whenever Mommy moves her big toe. She might be going somewhere and I can’t let her go alone. Something might happen to her if she gets out of my sight! She might fall in the laundry room, or drown in the shower, and if she goes outside the FedEx man might kidnap her. I can’t let that happen! So I go everywhere she does and bark if anyone gets too close to her. That’s my job and I’m proud of it!

Zoe & Millie West

I’m Zoe I’m the chillest Lab around and I’m Millie standing…my Coon Hound heritage makes me alert, active a bit verbal but I make friends with ery’one! We love “Our Courtney” at Bankhead… she’s one of our peoples!

Sir Barnabas Tippington Quirk

My name’s Barnabas, I’m a 1 1/2 year old lab mix. My story goes a little something like this. My parents went furniture shopping one day, and “accidentally” found themselves at the animal shelter and they broke me outta there that very same day!! They didn’t get the couch they were shopping for until a few months later, and boy did i have a great time chewing it up.

My favorite things are being outside, going to the park, swimming, playing with my human siblings, taking naps, and getting treats.


“It was a dark and stormy night” in Madison… when Buddy came to us. It was August of 2016 when he jumped in our son’s truck. Not sure who rescued who – but he is a sweet boy who is smart and quirky and just wants to make you happy by being a good boy. Buddy had some sad times before we found each other…and we are over the moon that he is part of our family! Buddy will snuggle and watch TV or chase you around so he can grab your ankle. He loves company, playing outside, family gatherings with all his humans, and keeping a watchful eye on the sidewalk while safely inside the house.

Snickers Turner

Snickers is a 14 (almost 15!) year old male Pomeranian that has been a member of our family since he was 8 weeks old. He may be a little old man, but he doesn’t act like it! He is very set in his ways and thrives in his routine. He’s extremely cunning and has devised several ways to distract his sister Lily so he can snatch her treats. His favorite thing to do is nap, and every afternoon he likes to sit at our dining room window waiting and watching for his daddy to come home from work. Cheese is his favorite treat and he expects it after we finish dinner….every time. He never meets a stranger and loves to get lots of pets and love from everyone. He’s our little “Snicky Boo” and we love him so much! ❤️

Lily Turner

Lily is a 9 year old black and cream Pomeranian that we rescued from Madison Small Pups. For the first 3 years of her life, she belonged to a breeder and spent her life in a tiny cage and with no socialization. Fortunately, Lily is VERY headstrong and stubborn and refused to be anyone’s puppy factory and the breeder decided she deserved a real family….so she came to us! Lily is skittish around others, but she is THE boss of the house. She shies away from strangers but loves her people. She loves to be outside, running in the yard and playing in the sunshine. She is a tiny ball of attitude and spunk and has come a LONG way from her first days in our home when she would not even let us hold her. Her nickname is “Ditty Pie” and we love her with all our hearts ♥️

Bear Kendall “Mr Squishy Face”

We found Bear (or rather, he found us) on a deserted bank of the Tennessee River. We were boating with friends, and “pulled over” for lunch… A big slobbery head popped up over the bank, and came down the craggy rocks to get to the boat. Long story short, no one claimed the no-collar, no-chip ‘skinny’ 125 pound Mastiff. Our vet said he’s healthy, just fatten him up. Now we have a 178 pound lap dog. He still has separation anxiety, but Mr. Mike knows how to keep the big guy calm and happy while we’re away!