Pup in Training

This badge shows your client that you care about the emotional state of their furry family member and are doing your part to learn their language and ensure they have a stress free experience.

Increase your capacity by one dog. Earn this badge to be added as an editor to the Facebook business page so that you can advertise your location, driving more business to your location. 

Daily Photo Update

This video covers the daily photo update and what to avoid showing

Art of Survival

This video shows some of the body language elements between pack members

Fear and Anxiety

Study this quick guide to be able to recognize fear and anxiety in dogs.

Take the Quiz

Score an 80% or higher to earn the badge!

Emergency Preparedness

Badge Introduction
Show clients that you are taking the lives entrusted to you very seriously. This badge increases your safety meter. Extra perk = Petz Main provides First Aid Kit
Simply read these tips and fill out the short form to create your disaster readiness plan to earn the badge.
Family Emergencies
Please contact Petz Pack in the event of a family emergency and please do not have unsupported family members handle Petz Pack client dogs. We will discuss a strategy for removal if needed and we will alert the client base so that you can tend to your family situation.
Property Damage or Vandalism
Petz Main strongly encourages hosts to do a routine integrity check of their backyard fence prior to letting their pack out each morning. To protect against vandalism, Petz Main highly encourages those with a prvacy fence secure their interior gate locks with padlocks.
Tornado Safety Tips
The safest place for a dog during a tornado is in a crate. If there is no time to crate, try to get your pack to the safest interior room, preferably free of windows. Never attempt to evacuate dogs during a tornado.
Fire Safety Tips
If you can do so safely, leash your pack to the back fence farthest from the home. Be sure to provide the dogs enough separation. If you have a privacy fence, installing eye hooks for the leash to attach could be useful and store a stash of leashes outside.
Evacuating with Dogs
This should always be a last resort, it's harder than you think getting 5+ dogs in a car. However, if this is the only option for survival, please use your discretion and call Petz Pack after you’ve evacuated.
Plan for Power Outages
This form provides needed information in the event of power outage. Also, map screenshots or step by step directions that you may need. Print and store in multiple areas (car, go-bag, etc.).
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Pet First Aid and CPR

Pet First Aid and CPR

Petz Main will reimburse the course for a host given it does not exceed the amount of the online course provided in the link below.

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