Professional Dog Handler Badge
This badge will tell your client that you have mastered proper introductions and the art of canine communication. You can easily intepret the emotional state of your canine guests and provide what they need.
What Does this Badge Unlock?
This badge completely unlock's capacity to discretion of the host provided that overbooking policies and service promises are being upheld. Host is still expected to follow principles of quality of care, versus quantity.
Take Care of Yourself
Hosts are not required or expected to host large packs which can be extremly taxing on the host and home. Remember, give yourself time to recharge and take care of yourself. Hosts have right to refuse.
It's All About Balancing the Energy
By now you should be noticing how balancing your high to low energy dogs makes a happier pack and also how more new dogs than regulars can upset the balance. Maximizing income while still keeping the emotional state of the dogs in your care in mind is what this training was all about.
Handling Large Packs
By now you should also be noticing the importance of breaks. Dogs are at risk for overexertion which will manifest in their behavior. You pack needs time away from each other and you need the breaks too!
Set up a Dog Room
Many hosts have a dog room, where we keep crated dogs. We set them up as needed and keep the numbers of crates LOW to ensure cleanliness, good circulation and less stress. Petz Main does not recommend stacking crates. It leads to poor circulatory conditions
How to Earn the Badge
There's no substitute for real experience in the field! Therefore, for this badge, we ask that you upload 3 videos of 3 separate, integrated packs. Please do not show the same dogs in the videos (unless it's your dog of course)
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