Purchasing a Grinder
Search for a highly rated, quiet grinder with an open design. Nail guards on grinders are not efficient
Know How It Grows
The Grinder Gets Hot
Don't stay on the same nail for more than 15 seconds. The grinder gets hot
Don't Take Too Much
Just take off the tips of the nail and explain to your client this should be done frequently. The kwik must recede or you will bleed the dog.
Have a Partner Help
Better if the dog lies down and a partner
can help you hold body of dog and distract
with treats (high value treat, find
something that works)
Paw Holding Technique
This video shows good paw holding technique (starting at 1:12) that will allow for more efficient grinding
Get the dog used to the sound
Ideally, we are starting with a dog that is already used to having its paws handled. Here's a video that shows how to habituate dogs to the sound of the grinder
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