Food and Water
Of course we know dogs need food and water. But safely feeding multiples, encouraging stressed dogs to eat and noticing other nuances are skills brought by years of experience.
Personalized Feeding Routine
You will find the client's personalized feeding routine in the dog's file. Please follow these instructions carefully. Many dogs have sensitive tummies and even slight changes in routine can have an adverse effect.
Separate For Feeding Time
Dogs will eat each others food and resource guard it in a multidog environment. Ensure their tummy health and safety by separating dogs for their feeding. Please do not leave food out or within reach of countertop surfers.
Resource Guarding
Make no assumptions. Dogs have been known to attack one another over seeing their food or simply hearing a can opener. Also, conglomerations in the kitchen and/or begging for people food in a multidog environment can be risky if allowed.
Feeding Takes Time
Feeding a large pack take time. Chow hounds make it easy, but grazers and dogs under stress may require extra attention. 1-2 missed meals won't result in weight loss, but any more and we need to encourage them.
Tips and Tricks
Dogs are pack animals, so getting them to eat may be as simple as sitting with them. Try tossing a kibble or two to peak interest. You can also try additive. Stick to plain fat free yogurt or pureed pumpkin.
Dangerous Foods and Plants
There are many quick guides on the host dashboard that review dangerous foods and plants. Knowledge is our best defense against costly colitis and client dissatisfaction.
Upset Tummies
Upset tummies will happen, but we should avoid sending a dog home with colitis. If you notice diarrhea with a jelly substance or blood, contact Petz Main immediately. We will determine if we can correct with a few countermeasure or if the dog needs medical attention.
What About Water?
Water goes quick in a multidog environment so please keep a close eye on its prevalence and cleanliness. Some discerning palettes will refuse drool soaked water.
Water Should Be Plentiful
Although it's very rare for a dog to resource guard water, it's not impossible. If a dog learns that something is a scarce, he may learn to protect it.
Excitement Creates Thirst
Please give your client dog extra water before the owner arrives. Excited dogs pant on the home. If they get home and head straight to water, the client may think they did without in your care.
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