Drop Offs and Pick Ups
Petz Pack hosts adopt a standardized set of safety procedures that ensures fluidity of the client experience from one location to another. Clients have grown to expect and love our processes.
Check in With Your Client
Check in with your client about the pre-scheduled drop off and pickup time. This conditions your client to be on time. Dogs should be put away for their safety during this process and we want them to get back to their vacation asap.
Avoid Overlapping Clients
Pay attention to your calendar and avoid overlapping drop off and pick up times. This will allow you to get each dog settled safely and allows each client the attention they deserve.
Watch Your Clients Children
Kids get excited about dogs. Everything from opening backyard gates to entering the home without knocking, we've seen it. Padlocks on the inside of fence gates and locking the deadbolt have been lifesaving countermeasures.
Please Put Them Away
You will be managing a leashed dog and their luggage. Please put dogs away per their bedding requirements before attempting to utilize exit doors through this process.
Visual Inspection
Please meet your client at their car to perform a quick visual inspection. Each dog is subject to visual inspection to avoid spreading contagions, no exceptions for entry.
The Blame Game
During the visual inspection also be on the look out for anything you might be held accountable for later. Small bumps and abrasions should be delicately pointed out so we can avoid the blame game later.
Proper Introductions
With other dogs safely put away, the new dog can be led into the backyard to start safe introductions which will be learned in the badges area. If this dog is new to your location, give them time to get used to their surroundings before adding additional stressors.
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