Award Winning Service
Petz Pack is the recipient of of Best Customer Service Award in Huntsville for 2017 and 2018. Employ these strategies and impress clients with our five star service standards.
Service to our furry guests
We are also providing 5 star service to our furry guests. Be attentive to their needs and please keep learning with us so you can interpret their emotional state and reduce their stress.
As a host, you are expected to provide daily photo updates, personalized care and a guilt free travel experience. Petz Pack hosts are responsive, dependable, consistent. They uphold safety procedures and interpret can encourage healthy social skills.
Have a Servant's Heart
Travelling is full of challenges and people are going to be late, often. Give your personal plans wide time buffers. Realistic expectations with a servant's heart will lessen the stress of these occurrences.
Be a Helpful Host
Please always meet your client outside to assist with their pup and their pup's belongings, even in the rain. Service with a smile does not go unnoticed
Be Thoughtful and Reassuring
Ask your client if the pup has had breakfast or dinner where applicable. Remind them that you will be updating them frequently. We suggest the first update within 2 hours so the client doesn't have to ask how they are doing.
Be Prepared and Thoughtful
Be prepared for your clients arrival and have all their things gathered and in their original condition. Give the pup a once over and remove eye crust, clean bottom and remove any debris from fur.
Be Prepared and Thoughtful
Give the pup their breakfast or dinner where applicable so the client has one less thing to do. Make sure you communicate this to them so that can appreciate your eye for detail.
Flattery Gets Your Everywhere
Brag to the client about a 'win' your pup may have had during their stay. Or, make observations that show you have really been paying attention and know their dog.
Guilt Free Travel is the Goal
No one likes having their baby being called ugly. Before communicating too many complaints about a client dog, ask yourself if this will fulfill the Petz Pack service promise?
Communication is Key
Never let a client dog go home with something that the client is going to see without communicating first. Depending on the situation, the client will be more worried that you didn't just let them know.
Leash the Dog
Leash your dog before your client's arrival. Once the dog is excited, this will be the hardest thing to accomplish.
Something Sweet
For new clients, please provide a Petz Pack treat bag. These will include a review me card and grain free treats. You can pick these up at any time at Petz Main.
Ask for Your Review
Have confidence in your impeccable service and ask that the client please leave you a five star review. These reviews drive new business to your location.
Keep us in the Loop
In the event an incident, please contact Petz Main. The situation may not warrant a call to the client. We've got this and we want to protect the customer experience.
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