Orientation Explains Our Values
Completing the Orientation grants host full access to the booking system and training modules in the Dashboard. Until more badges are earned, the host will agree to only accept 3 dogs for a given set of dates.
Quality Over Quantity
At the Petz Pack, we believe in quality of care over quantity. We train to learn how to manage large packs so that we may be profitable, but remain discerning and empathetic to the canine experience.
We Protect Our Values
Petz Pack reserves the right to only support and advertise locations that agree to limit/grow their capacity safely in accordance with Petz Pack core values
Increase Handling Ability
Hosts are encouraged to train to maximize their family's safety and the safety of the dogs in their care. Earning badges does not mean you must increase capacity. We'd never ask you to take on numbers that exceed your comfort level.
Safely Grow Capacity
By earning badges the host may safely increase their capacity, in so much that the capacity does not put the host into an overbooked state. Hosts are booked when they run out of ways to safely and humanely separate dogs per their bedding requirements.
Our Service Promise
Dogs that didn't arrive together, should never be left alone together. The Petz Pack host also follows the client routine, so if they crate, you crate. If they don't, then the dog would receive its own room in the event you step out.
Capacity Will Fluctuate
Therefore, being booked is not a static number and may depend on the dog's bedding requirements, temperaments and/or the size of the host home.
Earn the Client's Trust
That's why when a client asks, "How many dogs do you keep at a time?" It's better to explain our values versus a best case maximum in order to maintain the client's trust.
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