In and Around the Home
We have a saying at the Petz Pack: "Complacency is the Enemy." Reshaping habits and learning to effectively manage the environment eliminates unnecessary incidents.
It's Not Worth It
In a multi-dog environment, some things just aren't worth the risk. It'll be fine... until it isn't. Dogs will resource guard: food, toys/bones and space. Learn to completely avoid the risk.
Manage the Environment
When dogs are out and interacting, remove toys and other items that cause conflict. When dogs are ready to settle, keep an eye on how they react to a dog passing by. Some react strongly.
High Energy Dogs
Some dogs do better being put away so they can relax. Dogs get overexerted and need their time to themselves now and again. Especially the energizer bunny. Your couch potatoes will thank you.
Escape Risks
No one wants to lose a client's precious fur child. Be careful trusting certain containment devices and make no assumptions. Dogs can bust out of crates, jump fences, dig under fences and open lever handle doors.
Separation Anxiety
Many dogs that are used to free roam can have difficulty being put away. Don't leave your home before testing a dog's separation anxiety or you may incur damages. The exception to personalized care begins here.
Protect Your Home
We keep to the client routine, but not if it means damages. But, before we resort to crating the tiny Shih Tzu, get creative. Look at the file to find a comfortable solution for Fluffy or risk anxiety and/or colitis.
Protect Your Home (Cont.)
Does the pup have all his things, now's a great time for all those toys. Can you position a free standing gate to prevent door scratching? Or if they are digging, do you have a tiled room? Read their file, what are they used to, maybe their bed in your room is all they need
Crate as Last Resort
For dogs not used to crating, this should be a last resort to prevent injury and /or collitis resulting from anxiety
Dogs With Sound Phobias
Dogs with sound phobias will have a stronger flight risk which may bring on sudden destructive tendencies. Please gauge the dog's reaction and see the quick guides for coping mechanisms.
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Dealing With Weather
Dogs should not be outside long in extreme temps. Heat stroke can happen fast in dark dogs, dogs with too much sodium in diet and flat nose dogs. Please see quick guides in order to identify the signs of a heat stroke and tips on cold weather.
Don't Leave Them Alone Together
Dogs that did not arrive together, are not to be left alone together. Separate per their bedding requirements. This is a service promise we make in the terms of agreement to our clients.
Don't Leave Dogs Unattended Outside
A dog that wants to escape will find a way. Do not leave dogs unattended outside to prevent Houdini attempts. Take special care with small dogs as we are in an area known for bald eagles and other large birds of prey.
Do Not Crate Dogs Together
Dogs should never be crated together, regardless of the client's wishes. Dogs will behave differently in a multi-dog environment and may react poorly to being crated together when they are fine with it at home
A Tired Dog is a Good Dog
Dogs will react better to being separated when their energy has been sufficiently drained. But beware of overexertion which can affect their social tolerance.
Time Spent Away
One of our service promises is to never leave dogs alone for more than 4 hours at a time and never overnight. We highly recommend purchasing a video monitoring system which allows you to monitor your pack periodically for when you are away.
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