Amenities are available for client purchase as an addition to boarding and/or daycare. Amenities are in the pricing section of the main website and are priced per dog. The Petz Pack has a suggested price scale for amenities which are pre-programmed into the Square POS inventory for your review.
Client Disclaimer
The Petz Pack is dedicated to making each visit an enjoyable experience for the client pup. We don't want our Petz Pups behaving as if they are coming to a vet or groomer. Therefore, we make the disclaimer to clients that if we observe acute stress behaviors or reactions, the amenity will be cancelled and they will not be charged.
State Law
Alabama State Law governs the services a non-veterinarian can provide a canine for profit. Before administering an amenity not advertised on the site, please check with Petz Main, your prime contractor, to ensure you are in compliance. Certain custom client requests fall under the practice of veterinarian medicine such as: 1) ear cleaning 2) teeth brushing 3) anal glad expression 4) administering prescription medication and carry hefty penalties and fines.
Customer Service
Sending a dog home in the same condition it arrived is 5 star customer service. For instance, a light brushing of a Shih Tzu's ears here and there to prevent matting, removal of eye crust and cleaning of the bottom is expected and reasonable care. However, walks and daily thorough brushing, even if part of the client's normal routine, should incur additional cost.
Work Smarter
Have a playful pup? Tell the client that their pup is playing hard and ask if they would like to purchase a bath to ensure they are fresh and clean on pickup.
Watch the Water
Thin skin breeds like greyhounds or whippets may have severe reactions to warmer water. Best to get to room temperature.
Beware of Chemicals
If you have a dedicated tub for the bath amenity, refrain from using harsh chemicals. Instead, clean with vinegar and water.
Puppy Nails
Be careful with puppy nails, they are very soft for some time. The rotary tool may be overkill, try clippers instead.
Pack Walk
A walk is priced low per pup to encourage ‘stacking’. Convince other pet parents to elect for their pup to join in on the pack walk and turn a $10 walk into a $50 walk!
Tighten Those Collars
Some dogs can easily manipulate out of collars and harnesses when spooked on a pack walk.
Protect Yourself
Roaming neighborhood dogs can pose a threat to you and your pack’s safety. Be aware of your surroundings when performing a pack walk.
On a Walk
Ensure you know the temperament of the dogs you are talking on a pack walk. This would be a bad time for an altercation
Pavement Gets Hot
If you are performing a pack walk, please check the temperature of the pavement. Hold the back of your hand to pavement for 7 seconds, if it burns it will burn the dog.
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