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Entry IDInfoUnavailableAvailable:ClientDogs
19682 B: 06/08/2023 Courtney LeeAliMissy GoebelGreta (Needs meet and greet)
18744 B: 06/16/2023 Cassie MelsonAliJason PulliasLaika,Clementine (Needs meet and greet)
18053 B: 06/18/2023 Erin JohnsonAliDebbie ButlerIzzy (Needs meet and greet)
18061 B: 06/19/2023 Candice GilchristAliDebbie ButlerIzzy (Needs meet and greet)
19127 B: 06/23/2023 Cassie MelsonAli, ErinBrandon CollinsLucy (Needs meet and greet),Ninja (Needs meet and greet)
19273 B: 06/30/2023 Mike CoxAliAngie RodriguezDallas (Needs meet and greet)
19625 B: 06/30/2023 Courtney LeeErinMike WestMillie
18207 B: 07/04/2023 Cassie MelsonAliKelly WellsOliver (Needs meet and greet),Maisey (Needs meet and greet)
Entry IDInfoUnavailableAvailable:ClientDogs