Host Terms for Payment
Hosts are to process clients via square only. Cash and checks for booking costs are against Petz Pack policy and will result in immediate contract termination.
Petz Fees
Petz Main remits 15% from the total amount earned by each host less tips. Petz Main will render back to host the full amount of tips less the fees that square charge (2.75%). It’s for this reason we encourage clients to tip in cash.
As an independent contractors, hosts are responsible for their own taxes. Due to the legal nature of PayPal, Petz Pack is not legally required to send a 1099 unless you request one. If you meet certain conditions, PayPal may send you a 1099k. If you prefer a different pay method than PayPal, please contact Petz Main directly. We suggest you get tax advice from a tax attorney.
Install the Square App
The Petz Pack utilizes Square readers to process payment. Download and install the square app, but do not create your own account. We will invite you as a mobile staff member via email.
Please use the pre-programmed items in the inventory only. Entering custom amounts will come at higher fees and therefore extra cost to the host. Please do not process cards over the phone as this also incurs additional cost.
Create a Paypal Account
The Petz Pack will pay out each Tuesday for all bookings through previous Monday. Funds will be delivered to the provided Paypal account. Please remit the account email asap.
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