Lutzenkirchen (Lutzie)

Lutzie came to me not long after I unexpectedly lost my best friend of 39yrs. I credit him with my life because I don’t know if I’d have made it without him. Lutzie spent 2 weeks at a board and train facility where he was often found sleeping in the grass while the other dogs worked.
He is goofy and sweet, loves to play and cuddle. He is a sensitive boy and sleeps with his “lovey” in his mouth (one of several toys that are all the same toy in a variety of animals – beaver, boar, buffalo).
He loves other dogs, cats too but they don’t tend to like him. There is not an aggressive bone in his body. When the doorbell rings, he runs down the stairs barking…then stops to let me pass him because he’s the scared one. He loves tug-a-war, treats, belly scratches, and playing when his best buddy Riggs comes to visit. He loves, ok tolerates, my made up songs I sing about him all the time, and comes to my side when I cry. Lutzie gives the best doggie kisses and is spoiled rotten. He uses his potty bell on the back door when he wants anything, to potty, to play, to eat, to get attention, and he will ring it until he gets what he wants. But all I can do is laugh because he’s so sweet and so silly.
Lutzie has made my world a brighter place since the first minute. I can only hope I make his the best place ever.

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