Jake Boykin

I was born in Kentucky and came to live with my Mom at 8 weeks old. From the beginning, Mommy called me her Wild Child. I guess I get that. I listen when I want to and have lots of energy I need to burn off. I’m really smart and have learned lots of words. I know all the usual ones, sit, down, etc., but I’ve learned a lot more words, so that I can understand Mommy. I wish I could talk, so she could understand me, but usually she somehow knows what I’m trying to bark at her. As I’ve gotten older, I rest more, but I still hop up whenever Mommy moves her big toe. She might be going somewhere and I can’t let her go alone. Something might happen to her if she gets out of my sight! She might fall in the laundry room, or drown in the shower, and if she goes outside the FedEx man might kidnap her. I can’t let that happen! So I go everywhere she does and bark if anyone gets too close to her. That’s my job and I’m proud of it!

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