Bennet Amos

Bennet and his 6 littermates were rescued from the Scottsboro animal shelter by Friends of Rescue. They were only 6 weeks old. He and two of his sisters were fostered by our friend, Tara. On New Year’s Eve, they had a Parvo scare and all went to the emergency vet. I saw Tara’s post about it on Facebook, and told my husband through tears, “If these puppies pull through, we’re getting one.”
Thank goodness they were all negative for Parvo! A few days later, we met Bennet (then called “Amos”) for the first time. While the other pups chewed on our shoes, Bennet impressed by catching his own tail. We fell in love.
Bennet is now 3 years old, loves to play with toys, can jump up to my nose, and knows the phrase, “Do you want to go for a ride?” Car rides are probably his favorite. One day we’ll take him to the beach.
We’ve discovered that Bennet has some allergies. Frequent ear infections and rashes led us to allergy testing at the vet. He lit up like a Christmas tree! Bennet is allergic to crepe myrtle trees, dust mites, corn, cotton, wool, cat dander, human dander, and – perhaps the funniest – dog dander! His symptoms are now well controlled with Apoquel, Zymox, and medicated shampoo. He’s a happy-go-lucky guy and doesn’t seem to notice. My husband and I both have allergies as well, so we say we were made for each other!
Bennet was recently the ring “bear” 🐻 in our wedding. He is our soul dog, our son, and the love of our lives.

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