Lily Turner

Lily is a 9 year old black and cream Pomeranian that we rescued from Madison Small Pups. For the first 3 years of her life, she belonged to a breeder and spent her life in a tiny cage and with no socialization. Fortunately, Lily is VERY headstrong and stubborn and refused to be anyone’s puppy factory and the breeder decided she deserved a real family….so she came to us! Lily is skittish around others, but she is THE boss of the house. She shies away from strangers but loves her people. She loves to be outside, running in the yard and playing in the sunshine. She is a tiny ball of attitude and spunk and has come a LONG way from her first days in our home when she would not even let us hold her. Her nickname is “Ditty Pie” and we love her with all our hearts ♥️

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