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Our primary service is overnight boarding for canines in our home, but we also provide a variety of other services. Please check the host's individual profiles to see which of the following services they provide.


Let one of our supported hosts make your pup a part of their family while you travel. We provide personalized care and stick to your routine. We also provide daily photo updates and complimentary treats per booking. New dogs are subject to a behavioral analysis. Please fill out the new client form to schedule your meet and greet today!

$15 half day $25 full day

Petz Main holds scheduled daycare "bonanza" days during the warm months. Your pup won't want to miss the activities, homemade treats and giveaways! Be sure to follow us on Facebook to keep current with upcoming events. Your host may also provide daycare on a case by case basis. Check the services section on your host's profile.

Check With Petz Main For Pricing

We provide boarding in a real home for small mammals of all varieties. Please check your host's individual profile to see if they provide this service. We keep to your specialized routine and provide daily photo updates.

Check with Petz Main for pricing

We provide boarding in a real home for exotics! Please check your host's individual profile to see if they provide this service. We keep to your specialized routine for your exotic family member and provide daily photo updates.


The Petz Pack takes cats on a case by case basis. Please check your host's profile to see if they have chosen to provide this service. We keep to your specialized routine and provide daily photo updates of your feline friend.


Make it special by adding an amenity to our boarding, sitting or daycare service. Your host is dedicated to making each visit an enjoyable experience for your pup. If a host observes acute stress behaviors from any of the chosen amenities, the service will be cancelled and refunded. Some amenities are subject to cooperation and weather conditions. Check your host's profile for which amenities they have chosen to perform. Heavy matting incurs additional charge.

$15 - $45 (depends on size and hair length)

Luxurious oatmeal bath that soothes the skin while bio-acoustically engineered music for pups soothes the soul. Bio-acoustical engineered music “Through the Dog’s Ear” is clinically proven to relax your pup, making bath time with your host a soothing experience. Pup spa day includes bath, brush and blow dry one day prior to pick up.

$12 per trim

Frequent trimming helps the quick recede further between groomings, shortening the length of the overall nail. Dremel style rotary tool nail trimming option is more comfortable for your pet and eliminates the risk of cutting the quick. Regular trimming option also available, please discuss with your host. Nail trimming includes favorite treats.

$10 for 30 minute walk (per pup)

Treat your pup to some heart healthy exercise. Pack walks are great for the high energy pup and shy pup alike! We recommend a pack walk for high energy pups that are on a dedicated routine. Also recommended for the shy pup. Pack walks with other pups encourages the social bond and relaxes the mind for a calmer, balanced canine.

$15 - $45 (depends on size and hair length)

Reduce your pup's shedding by up to 90% with this de-shedding amenity using the FURminator deshedding tool. Purchase this amentity as an add on to the day at the spa amenity for best results, or alone for a noticeable difference in your pup's shedding. When purchasing alone, expect an upsurge of shedding until the next bath.

$10 - $35 (depends on size and hair length)

Refresh your pup with a thorough brushing, pad and nose care and doggy cologne spritz. Complete with bandana. Perfect for the 3-4 day booking where no bath is needed.

$5-$30 per brushing

Do you have a brushing ritual with your pup? Some pups need frequent brushings to manage tangles and matting. Let us help you maintain those locks with a brushing or two during their stay.

$20 per session

Your pup will be "Puttin' on the Ritz" with this digital photo shoot. Receive one digital portrait with provided apparel or choose from your host's wardrobe. Weather and participation permitting.

$15 per color

Add some glamor and glitz to those pup's nails with pet safe polish by ColorPaw. A fun amentiy for any occasion! Check with your host for color availability ahead of time in case items need to be ordered.

$2 per application

Vitamin E oil or coconut oil massage on pup's paw heals cracking and painful skin. Perfect for the older pup or pups with sensitivity to the elements. Ensure your pups skin stays nourished with this inexpensive but highly effective amenity. Purchase daily for best results.

Custom Amenities on Request

Don't see something you'd like? Check with Petz Main and if we can render the requested service we will add it to the website for your convenience. The Petz Pack is in compliance with Alabama State Law Veterinary Board so certain restrictions apply.

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