How To Choose Your Host

Your pup's safety, emotional state and behavioral health are of the highest importance to us! So is your convenience and giving you a guilt free vacation. That's why we offer you several ways to choose your pup's perfect host. Our hosts have opportunities to train under the founder and show their dedication to your pup by earning Petz Badges.

Petz Badges (Qualifications)

Safety Badges determine the level of your host's dedication to the physical safety of your pup. Behavior badges are at the heart of our service. Hosts that train in behavior are able to interpret the emotional state of your pup, which is key in creating a calm and stress free environment. Training in behavior also gives the host the tools they need to encourage healthy social skills. The Petz Pack encourages commmunity involvement and commradery between hosts. See the descriptions of the badges available to your host to learn more.

Safety Badges

oops First Aid/CPR
oops Preparedness
oops 24 Hr. Protection
oops Meet and Greet

Behavior Badges

oops Overachiever
oops Professional
oops Experienced
oops Novice
oops Beginner

Team Player Badges

oops Team Player


Reliability is a measure of the host's progression through the badges for canine body language and behavior and safety training. Other factors are also included such as the reliability of their response time.

Responds in 3 Hours or Less
60% Complete
Safety Training
35% Complete (success)
Behavior Training
20% Complete (warning)


We have several supported and insured hosts across the Tennesee Valley for your convenience.

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