Earn Money Caring for Pups in Your Home!

The Petz Pack is looking for more just dog watchers. The Petz Pack is aware of the behavioral issues that casual care can cause and offers the service of professional and knowledgeable hosts that will uphold the vision of the founder, the reputation of the five star service and the promise made to the clients. Hosts are encouraged to train under the founder in canine body language and behavior which will increase their earning potential. The Petz Pack is extending its repeatable and successful model, flawless reputation, established client base, expert knowledge in canine behavior and customer service for YOUR success. Utilizing the tools available for that success is up to you!

What's In It For Me?

When you make the decision to represent the Petz Pack's service, you are getting more than just a listing service. The Petz Pack is an established business with an established client base. As a representative of the service you avoid having to start a business from scratch, learn lessons the hard way and purchase costly advertisement materials. We have done all that for you! Most importantly, you don't act alone! We are here for you and we are local.

Instant Credibility Booking System
Advertisement Lessons Learned
Team Environment 24 Local Emergency Support
Liability Insurance Vacation Support
Expert Behavior Advice Customer Service Support
Petz Pass Dedication to Your Success

What's Expected of Me?

As an independent contractor of the Petz Pack, you are required to uphold the advertised service and promises made to the clients when they Join the Petz Pack. All expectations and requirements are designed to minimize risk to the client dog, protect the Petz Pack host and the reputation of the brand. Click on each one for more information.

You Are in Control!

As an independent contractor of the Petz Pack, you have are in control of your progression, your schedule and services rendered. Customize your own profile and choose from a variety of services and amenities.

Customize Your Profile Choose Your Amenities
Choose Your Services Choose Your Bookings
Contol Your Schedule Right to Refuse

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