Ditch the Guilt! - Board in a REAL Home

How would you like to say goodbye to traditional kenneling forever?

Your dog is a part of your family. We here at the Petz Pack understand your love and devotion and are here to provide an alternative to traditional kenneling. Here at the Petz Pack, we board dogs, but, we board them in our homes. We provide personalized care and we keep to your normal routine. The Petz Pack has multiple supported locations to choose from in the Tennessee Valley. Each of our locations is trained to interpret the emotional state of your pup which is key in creating a fun and stress free experience.The Petz Pack is raising the bar on the pet care industry in the Tennessee Valley and providing quality care that you can depend on.

Locally Owned and Operated

Locally owned and operated. The Petz Pack has multiple trained and insured supported locations across the Tennesee Valley ready to serve your pup. Our hosts are put through a thorough three step screening process. 1) a sit down interview 2) a behavioral analysis on hosts's dog 3) a home and yard inspection.


Host exact physical addresses are hidden for their safety. Please do NOT use the directions feature of the map below or it will use the nearest address on that street and you will be taken to the wrong home. Your host will provide their address in a private email.

How To Choose Your Host

Choose by Qualifications, Reliability or Location!

Your pup's safety, emotional state and behavioral health are of the highest importance to us! So is your convenience and giving you a guilt free vacation. That's why we offer you several ways to choose your pup's perfect host. Our hosts have opportunities to train under the founder and show their dedication to your pup by earning Petz Badges. Please take a moment to see why each are important to you and your pup! Then visit the Locations section of our website to view your host's reliability.

How it Works

We Require a Meet and Greet for Dog Boarding

This is our promise to all our clients that we do not board aggressive dogs. This is also your opportunity to meet your host family, get a presentation of our service and tour your host's home. Your one time meet and greet (behavior analysis) is good for all our supported locations. So please, plan to get the formalities out of the way several days before drop off if you are a new client. When you are ready to get started, please click the New Client button from the home page of the website or from the host's profile page.

24 Hour Local Support

We Eliminate the Risk of the Act-alone Pet Sitter

We are more than a listing service advertising act-alone individuals' pet sitting services. In the event your host has an emergency, we provide 24 hour LOCAL emergency relocation support for your pup. We have you and your pup covered, no matter what life may bring.

Meet the Owners

I am the founder of the Petz Pack

Melissa CoxChief Barking Officer

I own and operate the Petz Pack

Michael CoxPAWsident

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